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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
(Not that anyone even knows this blog exists, but maybe when someone visits this page someday...)

What does 'Inkigeul' mean?
In Korean, it literally means 'popular post'!  'Inki' means popular and 'geul' is any piece of writing so it can be a post, article, comment, discussion, and etc.  You've heard of Inkigayo, right?  That just basically means 'popular song'!  Though, I didn't get inspiration from that, on a portal site, the hottest topics are under the 'Inkigeul' tag and that's when I truly knew this had to be the name of this site (not really, all the cute names were already taken, but what can you do?)

What kind of posts can I expect to see on 'Inkigeul'? 
I've got to be loyal to the name of this blog, right so I'll probably translate the hottest topics of the day or the week on various portal sites.  Depending on the lovely readers (my mom and my two friends basically), I'll also try to incorporate requests from you guys or any topic that may be popular amongst the international community!

Edit 2016/12/28: I said that I'd mostly translate the most popular posts but recently, the type of content I translate has mainly been based on the requests I've been getting.  So, the type of posts you'll see on here is what the readers have asked me to translate about!  If you'd like to see more of a certain post, feel free to request and I'll definitely take it into consideration as long as it's not inappropriate (e.g. A post that isn't blatantly spreading hate or false rumours, etc.) You guys are awesome by the way, you send in such interesting requests and also make great suggestions so I couldn't be more thankful!

Edit 2017/01/04: Since starting, I feel like you guys have helped me steer the way in which this blog should go and I really appreciate all the awesome suggestions. It's a huge help to me and it makes me feel like I'm making this blog with your help - so please don't hesitate to tell me what kind of content you want to see or what kind of content you'd like to see less of/not at all.  It makes me feel like I'm working with you guys. So using my own judgment combined with your opinions, please help me steer the way this blog should go content-wise! :)


I think that there's also enough negativity out there and as someone who frequents portal sites, I feel frustrated when only the negative outlook is widely spread internationally when there's tons of positivity waiting to be shared and translated.  That is mainly the reason why I've decided to open up my own blog, to contribute to the few blogs who work hard to bring positivity into this community.  Hopefully it'll be worth it and that many readers will smile while reading posts (just like I do when I browse about on these sites).

Where do the posts come from?
If you're familiar with "netizen" translating sites, then I'm sure you're already aware of Pann, Instiz, Naver, and Nate.  There's actually more portal sites but these are the most used and the most popular.

The most widely used news distributing site is definitely Naver; it is more frequented than Nate, therefore the up-votes and views of articles posted on Naver will most likely always beat the ones posted on Nate.  Along with the emergence (Does anybody else's vocabulary turn weirdly fancy after studying for finals?  For a second, I couldn't think of a simpler word than emergence), anyway, with the pop-up of Naver TV Cast, V-Live, and Naver Starcast, you can bet that even more people use Naver to read articles, watch videos, and post comments of celebrities - idols, actors, etc.  I also use Naver and Daum almost exclusively, I never visit Nate, so most of my posts if it's about official news or broadcasts, will definitely come from Naver or Daum.
+ One awesome aspect about Naver that they recently just implemented is the fact that they now show demographics for popular articles - showing gender and age, you might sometimes see that less commented articles don't have this demographics option.  This is because the article needs to hit a certain number of comments in order to generate it, so if you sometimes wonder why an article doesn't have one, this is why.

Now, if you're wondering, what's the difference between Instiz and Pann?  Again, I would say that Instiz is more frequently used than Pann but they are similar in that their target audience is mainly teenage girls.  There are also different topics on these two portals, it's like a big discussion forum - there's places to talk about personal issues, music, videos, specific groups or celebrities, etc.  What we focus on when you see translated posts transferred onto the international community, is the 'Entertainment' section or the 'Celebrity' section which includes all celebrities and all fan posts that are relevant to the entertainment industry so any idol, actor, actress, etc.  However, on Instiz, the popular posts also include relevant issues in Korea such as trends, lifestyle, politics, personal problems, or any hot topic amongst teenagers. On Nate Pann, this is separated depending on what section of Pann you've entered.

The biggest difference that I'd like to point out is that on Instiz and Pann, ANYONE with an account can write a post whereas on Naver, they take articles from established news sites and journalists (though that doesn't always mean they're professional with their writing, more on that later).  So, take posts from Instiz and Pann with a grain of salt, well, take any article with a grain of salt!  It does not represent everyone!  Even though anyone can write a post on Instiz and Pann, it can also be very powerful because a lot of people visit this portal, and it can go "viral".  The thing is many journalists also frequent these portals and if they're interested enough, they can make an article about it and transfer it into a bigger audience (i.e. older people, more of the public eye) by writing an official article about it and having it be posted on Naver or Nate.  This is how 'witch-hunts' are instigated and I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar of "scandals" spreading like wildfire and it usually does start with smaller portal sites like Instiz and Pann before it carries over to Naver and Nate.

Anyway, I digress!

If you have any more questions about these portal sites, comments, or certain aspects about how the Korean entertainment news and scandals work, feel free to ask!

I just want to emphasize that this does NOT represent the whole Korean population!  Please keep that in mind and don't use the posts to spread hate or compare groups with each other.  Let's stay positive, I heard it's good for your skin!

Also: Give full credit if you're going to share my translations elsewhere (post a link!)  My hands slaving on this keyboard appreciate it, also it'd be nice to have more readers other than my mom and my two friends.  Thank you! ^^ Have an awesome day!


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